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Here at Siboni’s Coffee we offer a selection of grinders to suit all budgets and coffee making techniques. Grinders can be divided into two groups i.e. Flat Burr grinders and Conical grinders.

Flat Burr grinders consist of two opposing rings that contain burrs. One ring is static and the other ring moves to grind the coffee beans. The grind is adjusted by rotating the upper burr ring to either move it closer ( finer grind ) or further away ( coarser grind ) from the lower burr ring. These grinders are found in many professional espresso making situations.

Conical grinders have a cone shaped main burr and work on the same principle as flat burr grinders in that one burr is static and the other rotates to grind the coffee beans. These grinders are said to produce a more consistent grind particle size and have less effect on the ground coffee with respect to the amount of heat that is produced by the grinder as these grinders operate more slowly than others. Conical grinders can be more expensive than flat burr grinders.

Grinder adjustment can be either stepped or stepless depending on the grinder. Stepless means that there is an infinite number of grind settings that can be obtained to achieve the perfect espresso extraction whereas stepped adjustments give limitations in the grind that can be produced.

Part of the fun of owning your own grinder is tuning it to your espresso machine to obtain the ” industry standard ”  of 25-30 mL in 25-30 seconds.

ascaso i mini new

Ascaso i-mini

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rancilio rocky no doser 2                           

Rancilio Rocky Doserless

price : $450.00

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compak k3 push

Compak K3 Push

price : $520.00

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compak k3 touch advanced new

Compak K3 Touch

price : $635.00

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anfim best grinder

Anfim Best Grinder

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