Rancilio Silvia E or M


The Silvia is made by Italian company Rancilio who have a great reputation for producing quality domestic and commercial machines.

The brass components on the machine – group head, portafilter and boiler – ensure excellent temperature stability and durability.

We think it is the best value for money available in the domestic market under $1500.

Features include:

  • 300mL brass boiler, 2.5L tank
  • Easy to use ball-jointed steam arm with one hole steam tip
  • Commercial size portafilter

Model E – will automatically turn off after 30mins of inactivity to conserve energy and help to protect the element. If the auto cutoff is activated and you switch the machine on again, it doesn’t mean you have to wait 20mins for it to warm up again, as the machine will already be warmed (it may just require 1-2 minutes to get the machine up to brewing or steaming temperature).

Model M – machine will stay on until you manually switch it off.

In store demonstration available.